Monday Outlook: Chunky Knitwear

There have been an abundance of top layers mentioned for the past couple of weeks, but having options for an otherwise repetitively styled season is never a bad thing. Leather jackets, overcoats, flannels, shackets, they all serve their purpose and so do the cardigan's heavy-weight cousin.
Love the marketing from Oki-Ni by Way Perry!
Think shawl neck cardigan with a thick, heavy weave and small gauge, that's the piece de resistance. This style is usually reserved for grandma's ugly sweater or the Christmas sweater that gets worn once a year; no more! In line with the avant bland style, many options are being woven with the finest materials in minimalist patterns or simple solids. This all highlights the texture of the weave and makes that characteristic the most integral part of the garment.
J. Crew bringing their A-game in this department!
Work this piece in with your existing line up of suit and sport coats, it's going to be used very similarly. If layered the right way, there might not even be the need for an overcoat, allotting the opportunity to show off that impressive new sweater. This specific style may not be produced from season to season, but will definitely be popular for many cold seasons to come, and it acts as a great transition piece as well.
Oh so classy in that hunter green!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!