Wardrobe Essential: Cable Cashmere

I have already mention and will continue harping on the fact that fall style is all about simple layers and varied textures. Mixing and matching different fabrics is the best thing you can do for the season, but diversity in the way the fabrics are constructed adds even more friction for those would-be gazers.
Didn't know this existed, but Club Monaco makes it!
You're obviously going to be getting your money's worth for all your sweaters this chilly-season, and you better make sure AT LEAST one of those is a cable-knit cashmere. Most companies make them in their own fashion with differentiation coming in the spatial characteristics of the cable feature and unique interweavings that create distinguishable patterns from brand-to-brand. You could technically get any cashmere sweater, but the cable-knit is an iconic piece that will not only add texture to your wardrobe, but will remain a timeless (and effortless) layering item in your closet.
Effortlessly styled, no matter what the color.
Since cashmere swap eaters aren't the cheapest things around, classic colors and neutrals will be your friends in this investment; it may be tempting,but unless you like to wear purple or red, stick to the basics. Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of the wool that you're purchasing; if you don't know much about textiles, just ask a sales associate or use the Google machine, because all cashmere is expensive, but the higher quality, extra fine thread variety will look better and last longer.
According to the Internet, only Ralph Lauren makes cable-knit cashmere.
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another essential style piece!