Tech Tuesday: Polaroid Cube

Its exciting to watch the tech landscape and seeing all of the dinosaurs, former tech giants of their time, begin to reinvent themselves with novel products; before the iPod, Apple wasn't all that innovative. Polaroid is one of those companies that has fallen off their photog pedestal with the advent of digital imagery and improved home printing quality. They recently released a bluetooth-enabled printer that worked with you phone to print off old school, shake it like a salt shaker Polaroids, but that's not what today is about. With everyone, from the everyday man to the wanderlust adventurer, recording practically everything they do, GoPro and other wearable video recorders have exploded exponentially. Polaroid not only caught wind of this movement, they just released a little bit (literally) of video capture technology that may be giving the competitors a run for their money, it goes by Polaroid Cube. Smaller than the GoPro, yet able to record HD video, take photos, features a magnet along with a variety of stands and mounts to be able to stick to anything you want it to, and all this comes in a dainty little package for all of you looking for a little extra flair.
Check in tomorrow for style piece that needs to be in your wardrobe and next Tuesday for some more exciting technology!