Threads for Thought: Pinstripes

There are all too many options for suiting out there when it comes to fabric color and patterns; I have highlighted a good few already. One in particular had a falling out in the men's world and was pegged as the "banker's suit" due to its formality, but has recently risen from the men's wear ashes and sprouted anew, the proverbial suit Phoenix if you will.
The pinstripe suit echoes a sentiment of power in the wearer, featuring very distinct lines that create a seemingly narrow silhouette due to the drop in the suit jacket, creating a diagonally inward orientation. Despite this feature, the style dropped off in recent decades, and hasn't seen the same grandeur as at had during the middle of the 20th Century. Seeing as mid-century style is a major player these days, the pinstripe suit is on the rise and is looking to make statements across the fashion spectrum.
Pile on the stripes!
The classic colorway for this type of suit is navy with a white stripe, but you will be able to find many more iterations out there with more eccentric combinations; grey and burgundy anyone? Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure that the stripes aren't too close together; you want there to be a noticeable contrast between the stripe and the rest of the material. Chalk stripes are all the rage in this movement, adding texture to the high-contrast stripe which is always a good thing.
SuitSupply: $599
SuitSupply: $599
SuitSupply: $569
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