Threads for Thought: Elbow Patches

You may just. Be getting back to school, attending the first class of the semester, and your professor likely has on a tweed jacket; especially if its some quirky course or science class. But look closer at the jacket, see if you can't spot something on the elbow. Are there patches? Then your professor probably knows a thing or two about style this season.
Tweed and elbow patches make a great pair.
Elbow patches were actually a repair to jackets before they became stylish, simply covering a hole that would come about from everyday wear or wear added to jackets that were meant for more strenuous activity, making it a more durable piece. Either way, they are now a nice little touch that come standard on some of your favorite pieces, and in a season where detail is everything, just a little something extra could really put your look over the top!
They look great on a wool navy blazer too.
I don't recommend getting elbow patches on a suit or dressy sport coat, but maybe a trendy sweater or seasonal jacket would be a great touch. And there aren't any real rules on the patches having to match anything, so if you see something you like, grab it up and show it off this fall. They portray a sense of intellect (hence the professor reference) while also alluding to a slight ruggedness as well, so dress it up however you see fit.
Coming to a sweater near you.
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