Wardrobe Essentials: The Mighty Mighty Trench Coat

If you think back throughout history, a lot of stylish pieces were created in response to some conflict. One of the most significant conflicts just so happened to be World War I at the start of the 20th Century, which introduced style staples that still remain in wardrobes today. The most important of these has everything to do with the type of fighting that was happening at the time, trench warfare.

From this was birthed an outerwear piece called the trench coat, signified by its elongated silhouette, as to shield you from the elements from neck to toe (your helmet covered the rest). A trench coat was meant to be durable and pliable so that soldiers could maneuver whatever way they needed without ruining the coat or being constricted by it. Fast forward to present day and, admittedly, you're not going to see people climbing in and out of trenches or trudging through the mud in them, but they still preform the task of keeping the elements at bay.
Superstar, Tom Hardy, knows how to wear one.
The options are practically limitless with every designer out there producing their twist on the classic, but the most coveted brand for a trench coat is British fashion house, Burberry; they made them for the wars then, they make them for you now. Colors? Fabrics? Silhouettes? Lengths? There are too many to really narrow down, but the iconic version would be a waxed khaki canvas with a flannel lining for some added warmth. That being said, you can find them in luxe camel hair cashmere or in the most supple leathers around with no lining or fully decked out with shearling. Tailor your decision to what your climate demands so that you're prepared for what you'll actually experience this fall/winter.

Burberry: $1795
Ralph Lauren: $1495
J. Crew: $995
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