Friday Faux Pas: Croakies

You live a semi-active lifestyle and you like to wear your shades while doing it, but they have a problem with staying on your face or when you take them off you don't know where to put them. Some gentlemen (mostly the southern variety) have decided that a viable alternative comes in the form of a neoprene neck sleeve called croakies.
Please don't do this anymore...
Flag down any frat bro or redneck and you're bound to find at least one of them, and you know what, for a trip to the pool/beach or while out fishing, croakies are perfect. They are lightweight and add a little padding for your ears while reassuring you that your glasses aren't going anywhere. But then there are the guys that have the bright idea to wear them when they are getting dressed up for something; I once saw I guy wearing them in a full suit for an interview, needless to say, he wasn't hired. Do yourself a favor and leave your cookies on the boat or with your hunting gear just to avoid any confusion, and if your glasses are falling off your face without them, then you either need frames that better fit your face or to get them adjusted to stay right where they're meant to.
Once again, NO!
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for the next installment of my fashion faux pas!