Monday Outlook: Avant Bland

Classic and simple will always be stylish, and working simple layers into your look is just another facet of how to style up your fall/winter wardrobe. But recently, designers have strayed away from that, loading up the details to make their product unique or heavily branding their goods so you know its theirs.
A.P.C. might as well be the flagship for Avant Bland.
Now step into the world of Avant Bland, a little movement that transcends the coming season and may actually set the standard across the fashion spectrum for hers to come. In layman's terms, Avant Bland is an emphasis on the quality of a product's fabric, construction, color, etc, while maintaining a very simple form and appearance; think of a basic item like a t-shirt or pair of pants and blow up the luxe factor to the nth-degree. Minimalism is a centric value of Avant Bland design, only altering colors and fabrics, even straying away from patterns, as they might be too branded.
More from A.P.C. with a heavier fall/winter palette.
What this means for the shirt term, is that simpler, higher quality goods will become the epicenter of your wardrobe needs. Long term, it means a drastic shift in the fashion industry; imagine taking away the branding and just having basic goods with higher quality attributes. There won't be any knock-offs or copycats, just low-quality and high-quality with no way to fake it. My main concern is the effect this will have on the denim market as a majority of designers rely solely on their stitching and branding to distinguish their product from others; there's no difference between True Religion and Se7en other than there branding.
The Kanye Shirt is the epitome of the Avant Bland revolution.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!