Threads For Thought: Short Sleeve Shirts

If it weren't for the polar vortex reawakening for a summer cool down, I could have introduced this post with a "Ain't it hot out there? Need a top that give you the look, without overheating." Regardless, the humble people of the south don't know what cold is and for you northerners, the polar vortex won't be permanent, so when it leaves, be prepared.
Channing Tatum does them like rock star.
Short sleeve shirts are exactly what the name implies and are a great summer alternative to your traditional shirts. Unless you're just wearing the shirt, they will give you the same look under a blazer or lightweight cardigan. Even without something over it, the short sleeve and tie look gives a pleasant ode to mid-century style, which happens to be trending if you forgot.
Russell Westbrook does them like a big nerd.
With short sleeve shirts, fit is everything, so make sure to try on what you're looking to get. Pattern is the next crucial factor and I encourage getting something playful being that it is more casual, but if you do plan on wearing it with a tie, then opt for something that can play dress and casual equally well; if you find a perfect pattern but in long sleeve, you can always take it to a tailor to be hemmed up. Alongside that, if you have any long sleeve shirts that you haven't worn in a while or have thought about throwing away, try folding the sleeve in half and cutting them to make it short sleeve; just remember to roll the sleeve 3-4 times.
Jack Spade: $128
Club Monaco: $90
J. Crew: $80
Check in tomorrow for this weeks edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for another piece that deserves your consideration!