Friday Faux Pas: Loose Ties

Is it nearing the end of the day/work week? Is it hot out and you're looking for a quick cool down? Are you just looking to relax just a tad? For the suited man, these three situations usually lead to one outcome and its one that irks me to the core.
Loose tie...
Loosening your tie may seem like a good idea when you're doing it, but nothing chops away at a crisp, well put together look. The list of excuses for this behavior abounds (see first paragraph for examples), but this is simply something that shouldn't be done. Instead of loosening that tie knot that you took the time to make sure was perfect this morning, try rolling up your sleeves or taking off your jacket and throwing it over your shoulder; these measures will look casual without sacrificing the integrity of your outfit. So to all the culprits out there, tighten up that tie son!
...tidy tie. Which one looks better? I thought so
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for the next installment of my fashion faux pas!