Wardrobe Essentials: The Needlepoint Belt

Accessories are a key part of your daily garb, but some are overlooked or under thunk when it comes to including them in an outfit. None is more so true than the belt, an item that is typically cast to match the color or your shoes (which I agree with), but should be looked at as an opportunity to express yourself.
That is where the needlepoint belt comes into play! Essentially just an embroidered canvas belt, needlepoint belts are known for having unique details and remarkable durability for a cotton belt; the interwoven stitching creates a steadfast construction that holds strong for years and years. Another great characteristic of the construction is that the belt fades in a manner that is unique to the owner, so if the patterns weren't enough personalization for you, the fade to go with it should help.
There's no rule saying that these should or shouldn't be worn during any particular season, but my feeling is that this belt should be worn sparingly during the winter. The choices are out there, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny for yours due to the amount of work that goes into creating each belt. Just make sure to stick to your roots and get something that reflects your lifestyle in some way, whether it be a hobby, favorite sports team, etc.
Smathers & Branson: $165
Tucker Blair: $115
Ralph Lauren: $54
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another edition of Wardrobe Essentials!