Wardrobe Essentials: The Greyscale Pocket Square

If you haven't jumped on board with the pocket square band wagon, then you might be a little behind when it comes to your style game. They are an easy add on with a sport coat that will take your shirt and tie combo from ordinary to extraordinary; that's what a little piece of fabric can do in the world of fashion. If you are new to the game and wondering where to start, there is one in particular that is sure to come in handy.
White with black trim is classic and stylish.
Black and white are a natural pairing, with a high contrast that creates a very definitive and modern look, which also happens to be very trendy right now. The other great thing about  the B&W combo is that they blend with any color, which makes them ideal when they come in the form of a pocket square. It doesn't matter what color, pattern, or texture your jacket, shirt, and tie are because the black and white square accommodates it all.
Classic gingham always wins out.
I have a black and white big check gingham square, and whenever I get stumped when it comes to my chest pocket, I defer to that. Yours doesn't have to be gingham (although it comes highly recommended) seeing as there are a variety of patterns to choose from. If you want it to be versatile in all seasons, get something in cotton with a simple pattern like polka dots, stripes, checks, contrast trim, etc. Whatever your choice may be, it's going to be a guaranteed win for you and your style.
The Tie Bar (Gingham, Pin Square, and Iron Gate): $8
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for more essential wardrobe pieces!