Tech Tuesday: Floyd's Leg

Just some of the creative things already done with the Floyd Leg!
You may living in a bustling city. You may live in a sprawling suburbia. You may even live out on a ranch. No matter your distinction, I'm sure we all collectively appreciate the occasional stylish and functional home decor item; e.g. that little ottoman with all the blankets in it that your feet are currently resting on. The Floyd Leg is one of these such things, combining an idiot proof design that acts as legs to an existing flat surface (anything up to 2 inches thick) to create a very stylish and easily deconstructed table. These legs can be purchased in two height varieties, 16 and 29 inches, in two finishes, black and white matte, in a neat little set of 4 to get you on your way to styling your living space.

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your wardrobe and next Tuesday for more exciting new tech!