Threads for Thought: The Short Suit

So here today in South Florida, it was like a million degrees outside; thankfully I wasn't in work attire! But it brought to my attention that during the summer anywhere, it is almost too hot to be wearing long sleeve anything or pants. The alternatives for beating the hat abound, but one in particular is on trend now, so why hesitate?
Short suit spotting at Milan Fashion Week.
Short suits are exactly what the name implies, a suit with shorts. The jacket is the same, the style of the matching fabric remains, but instead of sweat inducing pants, you swap out for shorts. Granted, this look isn't appropriate all the time or at every occasion, but it is a fun way to challenge the status quo. It gives an almost juvenile edge to any outfit, so if young and hip is what you're going for, then by all means give it a try.
Nick Wooster is master of the short suit.
Before diving straight in and buying a short suit, try throwing together a sport coat and a pair of shorts you already own and see how you like it; my favorite look is my madras sport coat and a pair of shorts in a color that is woven into the plaid in the jacket. Another idea to break the ice, especially if you have an old suit lying around, is to take the pants to a tailor and have them turned into shorts for about $20 (at most). Experiment, see what works, and take this style head on because what better time than now?

Check in tomorrow for the next installment of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for  another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!