Threads for Thought: Neon

Usually these posts cover a single item or style, but today is somewhat of an overview of a summer trend. Spring and summer are usually marked by their bright color palette and lightweight fabrics which usually ends up with the same old pastels that you see every time around.
Which suit do you notice first? Thats what I thought.
This summer comes with it a refreshing burst of washed out neons, which to the untrained eye, is just another pastel. For those of you "trained" folk, you'll notice the deeper contrast in coloring these neons compared to your pastels, almost like they were pastels doctored up via Instagram filter. Even the preppiest brands with pastel staples have opted for neons this season and have thrived on them (maybe they'll keep coming back now).
Layer your neons with toned down items.
To me, this movement mirrors the late 80's style when bright colored items were mixed in throughout everyone's look and these are the vintage remnants of that era. Either way, treat these colors as a layering piece as to add some accent to something a bit more toned down; a neon polo under a classic seersucker sport coat would make for a dashing outfit. And also, forgo the urge to couple neons together, because there's a difference between looking good and going to EDM festival.

Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for more fashion pieces that deserve your consideration!