Wardrobe Essentials: The Seersucker Tie

In the spirit of National Seersucker Day and alongside the fact that I have already covered the Seersucker Suit, I decided that there is another item in the seersucker family that you'll wear until it falls apart.
There is no shortage of options for you out there.
Seersucker ties are perfect for the spring and summer, even working well with the fall, so you'll get most of the wear during those seasons; its traditionally "faux pas" to wear it after labor day, but things change and some rules are made to be broken. Seersucker cotton is very breathable and lightweight, so you'll barely even notice it around your neck when the sun turns up the heat.
Why not? Seersucker on seersucker!
Pair it with a dark solid or fine patterned shirt to add some nice contrast to your look, but make sure your suit or sport coat is light. That goes for the white and "insert pastel color here" seersucker ties, but my favorite color way is the blue and navy, providing you with a textured navy tie that has an almost tonal stripe to it; for this style, I would do a fun madras to really liven up the mood of your garb.
Jack Spade: $98
Brooks Brothers: $45
J. Crew: $20
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another essential wardrobe piece!