Friday Faux Pas: Venetian Loafers

There is a difference between effortless style and surrendered style, a situation that occurs when something works, but doesn't do anything for you. The prime situation, in my opinion, is the black tie when not at a strict black tie gathering; it just shows that you didn't really care to pick out a tie. There is unfortunately a shoe version of this dilemma and men everywhere have them, and its sad.
Everything looks good...and then the loafers.
Venetian loafers are the kind of footwear that are signified by a plain toe and slits on the top vamp near the ankle to accommodate putting the shoe on. Throughout, there is almost usually no design features  and worst of all, the grand majority tend to be square toed, a big no no. Whatever color they may be, all you're doing when opting for these atrocities is being too lazy to put on my lace ups or showing other that you have zero taste in shoes.
Great leather, great socks, great chinos, hate the shoe.
If you have them, throw them out and go shoe shopping ASAP! If its a simplicity thing, get some single tone saddle shoes or wingtips. If its an effort thing, horse bit loafers and monkstraps require the same effort, but with immensely more style factor. Lucky for you, there is an abundance of variety in the shoe world and you will find something that will fit your taste that has much more style than the forfeit of a shoe that the Venetian loafer is.

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!