Threads for Thought: Banded Collars

There's a certain breed of man that prefers casual over formal and refuse to, or at least are very uncomfortable, wearing a collared shirt (Shquilly). Am I one of them, not at all, but I am just as open to the idea of having a new style of shirt amongst the rest of my shirt arsenal.
Take a second look. Not your typical collar.
Banded collars have been around for a while, but have recently become very popular, all thanks to that aforementioned casual group and the warm weather that comes with summer. Just think of a collared shirt and cutting the collared part off, leaving just the button up feature, and you'll have an idea of what a banded collar shirt is.
As casual as it is dressy.
I think they are a delightful mix between a shirt and a Henley that can be dressed up just as easily as it is dressed down. Seeing as ties won't work with them, get adventurous with patterns and colors and play around with it under a sport coat or just by itself. And even though this shirt is great for warm weather, there's no rules saying it can't be layered in to your fall and winter wardrobe, so opt for cotton as opposed to linen or silk and avoid any seasonality.
Ralph Lauren: $170
J. Crew: $98
Orvis: $59
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