Wardrobe Essentials: Double Monks

There is a saying, I believe it goes "The shoe makes the man", and I don't think anything truer can be said about style. Your shoe choice can make or break your outfit, so it's imperative that you keep that in mind in the morning while you get dressed. There is one shoe in particular that should be in every city man's closet and is almost thoughtless when it comes to pairing with outfits.
Bomber jacket and double monks make a great pair.
As the name implies, these shoes were worn by monks centuries ago as a more formal alternative to their sandals. Durable and easy to wear, monk straps have become very popular with the city class (especially commuters) who are looking for a versatile shoe with comfort and class. Traditionally constructed with a cap toe, they are equal parts dressy and casual, but can also be found with broguing and have become very popular this season in suede.
Colored chinos and double monks? Yep.
The distinguishing feature between different monkstraps is the amount of straps on the shoe; starting with one and going up to three from my experience. The ones you'll want to go with are the doubles, providing a happy medium between the formal one-strap and adventurous three-strap. Find them in a leather and color combination that you are comfortable wearing with a majority of your wardrobe because you're going to end up wearing them as often as possible. (Disclaimer: don't be mad at me when these become your favorite footwear option)
Grenson Shoes: $395
Howard Yount: $349
Suit Supply: $289
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