Friday Faux Pas: Fat Tie Knots

I am one of the few people that think ESPN sportscasters (especially Kevin Negandhi) deserves an article in an upcoming GQ at some point. But I think the only thing stopping them from their moment of fame in the style world comes down to how they tie their neckwear.
The Culprit: ESPN.
There is no clear sign as to wear this little trend began, although probably with former athletes and Wall Street tycoons, but it is a style pandemic that needs to nipped in the butt. I've seen knots tied as thick as about 90% of a men's neck and it just looks foolish and ruins whatever garb you may have on. The knot shouldn't be any thicker the tie itself and if you're one for thicker ties (2.75-3.5 inches) you shouldn't even consider that as a tie knot width.
The Aftermath: Everyone doing it.
Unless you're a professional lineman or an Olympic weightlifter,you should be using one of a few select knots for your neck. Four-in-hand, half Windsor, and the Windsor (pushing it) should be your go-tos and really the only knots worth knowing. All of them are classic and refined with my personal favorite being four-in-hand, giving you and longer knot than the Windsor and creates an effortless dimple. And if you're concerned with covering up the open space of a spread or cutaway collar, stop yourself and then embrace the openness of the collar, don't fight it.
The Solution: Stop with the fat knots.
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for the next edition of My fashion faux pas!