Monday Outlook: Embrace the Hide

All of the recent trend forecasts for pre-fall through to winter have included rugged apparel, distressed features, and lived in motifs. Waxed denims that look as good as any vintage leather, aeronautical inspired details reminiscent of mid-century airmen, and a reemergence of the ever popular Black and Tan color combo.
Just some croc leather from the runway.
Leather (if you live up north) is going to be your best friend in the upcoming fall as it will take on a majority of trending looks, while still remaining classically timeless. With that said, us southerners will have the ability to find lightweight leather pieces and even accents that will help to embrace the look while remaining cool(er).
Shearling aviator look is the way to go this fall.
The broad scope of leather obviously leaves you with some serious options and even more serious questions. What piece? What color? What grain? How much? Any leather item tends to be quite an investment, so rule of thumb for the normal folk is to get a piece that will be wearable for years to come, not just the next couple months. Yes, a shearling bomber jacket may not be "trendy" next year (who knows), but it will remain a key layering piece for many winters to come. Another personal tip, don't be gaudy, especially with leather; a black or brown jacket will go further than one in oxblood.
All kinds of style points here. Band collar anyone?
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further trend insight for the coming months!