Celebrity Saturday: CR7

You can't have Irina Shayk, but you can adopt CR7's style!
He may not be playing till Monday, but Cristiano Ronaldo is game ready everyday with his style. Clearly, here in America, soccer players don't get any of the recognition they deserve, instead we turn to other sports like baseball and women's basketball. But enough about my misunderstanding of the American majority, CR7 is by far one of the most well known sports stars in the world and this month he's on center stage with a couple select other players in Brazil for the World Cup. One thing that amazes me is his ability to look good no matter what he's doing; his look withstands and excels through 90 minutes on the pitch and translates to his impeccable taste in clothing outside of soccer. Sure, it helps having money, but knowing your fit applies to all levels and he has his down to a science, take notes.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the weeks topics and next Saturday for another fashionable celebrity influence!