Threads for Thought: Utility Shorts

Yeah, yeah. Warm weather means the chance to change it up from jeans, chinos, and all other form of pants to your shorts which have been collecting dust over the course of the long winter. However, the monotony of the short game is very clear, only really differing slightly from brand to brand, with little adventure into new short-legged horizons.
These are utility shorts, get to know them.
The upcoming months will have a plethora of cargo pants, a hot trend this upcoming season, but for those of you looking to get a jump start on pre-fall, utility shorts will be your savior. Previous iterations were essentially just cargo shorts, with bulging pockets and baggy silhouettes, but designers have taken heed to the need for tailoring even in the most casual of wear.
Michael Bastian's interpretation of utility shorts is pretty chill.
You're going to have to dig around to find suitable options, but the prize will definitely be worth the effort. Not only will they actually serve in carrying more than usual shorts do, but they'll make a statement along with their functionality, fusing function and form like no other shorts can. Classic cotton chino will be a classic option, but the adventurous might vie for cords or linen to really through onlookers.
J. Crew: $80
Ralph Lauren: $75
Gap: $36
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