Wardrobe Essentials: The White Polo

In one of the first editions of my Wednesday Wardrobe Essentials was the black polo, something that can be worn casually as easily as it can be dressed up. That still holds true, but this iteration is not only a wardrobe must, but also a critical addition to your summer garb.
Dressed down, brought to you by Nick Wooster.
White polo's are the vanilla of men's wear, not sticking out or drawing too much attention to themselves. Usually this would be a very bad thing, but in this instance it gives you play over the rest of your summer outfit. Lightweight and crisp, a white woven is something you can wear to the beach in a bathing suit or under a sport coat for a cocktail meeting.
Dressed up, brought to you by Ralph Lauren.
If you live up north, go long sleeve to carry the piece well into fall and early winter. Southerners should stick with the classic short sleeve and even consider lighter weight fabrics to keep cool under the blaring sun. And when you find the polo that fits you just right, buy in bunches, because they are going to get dirty somehow, someway (refer to Murphy's Law). I would usually provide a list of recommended options, but white polo's are all over the place, ranging from $10-$200, so if you can't find one, then you may have bigger problems in your life; you could probably even find something respectable at a thrift store if you're into that.

Check in tomorrow for some threads that deserve your consideration and next Wednesday for more wardrobe essentials!