Friday Faux Pas: Inconsiderate Shopping

So this is admittedly a reactive post in response to my dealings with two mothers, their husbands, and all 5 of their children. Complaining is not something I like to do and therefore hold it back whenever possible, but today will have to be the exception.

Only 30 minutes upon arriving to work, these two mothers calmly walked into the store, a false front to what was about to come. Almost methodically, they managed to go through every neat stack of shirts and shorts, until what used to be a well merchandised store looked like a hurricane and tsunami hit all at once. And to add insult to injury, both mothers were very insistent on me checking for inventory in the stockroom even after I assured them that all sizes were on the floor.

Remember that cardinal rule, don't mess with people who make your food, well this is probably a step below that. No matter what store you're in, the sales professional helping is acting gate keeper and key master to their brand and if you want in on their stuff, then you best be polite and trust that they know what they're doing, unless they've demonstrated otherwise, in which case you can still be patient and polite. This topic may not have a direct impact on your style, but I believe the indirect ramifications of being an asshole on your style are much greater than that of committing any of my previously mentioned Fashion faux pas.

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another edition of my Fashion Faux Pas!