Threads for Thought: The Summer Hat

Summer means one thing for everyone, more sun than you'll know what to do with. There are plenty of ways to protect your skin from all the exposure from lotions and sprays to clothing and accessories. The most favored accessory just so happens to be the hat, but not all are created equally.
This guy clearly has the summer look down to a science.
Baseball caps are sporty and easily worn for just about any occasion, except formal occasions, so please don't! Fedoras are cool if you happen to be a hipster or looking to explore your inner abstract artist. And straw hats are practical only and takes away everything from the look you were trying to create. So what option covers all the bases without much compromise?
Andre 3000 does everything so effortlessly.
Panama hats solve all your summer sun problems while giving you every style point you can possibly earn with a hat. They are comprised of a tight straw weave with a wider brim than a fedora to add a little more protection while not looking like you're wearing an umbrella. Get the classic white and black ribbon to go with all your summer looks with ease!
Mr. Porter: $375
Brooks Brothers: $158
J. Crew: $58
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