Friday Faux Pas: Exposed Lapel Pins

With wedding season upon us, you're bound to come across your fair share of boutonnieres and lapel garnishes. They are all great additions to your garb, whether at a wedding or not, they add an essence of airiness synonymous with summer. Where this can all go astray is when those nice little pins that hold everything in place stick out like a sore thumb.
This is how to do it...
If anything, this glaring needle is going to take away from the decoration above it and ruin what you worked so hard to achieve. On any sport coat or suit jacket, the fabric of the lapel is double lined to hold the crease better and this will be your solution. Take your jacket off and instead of lancing your pin all the way through, carefully finesse the pin through the first layer of fabric and then back through the same layer; you'll get all of the support you need without having that shiny little lance sticking out of you jacket.
...this is not.
This was admittedly a belated post so I'll be posting my celebrity style influence later tonight, but check in next week for another edition of my Friday Faux Pas!