Wardrobe Essentials: The Tux

Just about anything goes these days when attending formal events, from black tie to white. You can wear just about any suit, shirt, shoe, and tie option as long as you look like you put a concerted effort into it, but if you want to be a traditionalist or you get the dreaded "strict" formal event invite, you'll be needing a tux.
James Bond may be fictional, but he knows how to wear a suit (no matter the actor).
Tux's got their start in Tuxedo Park of New York, where all the rich and chic of the late 19th Century flocked, and the style has remained strong. Essentially the tuxedo is a a suit of black or midnight navy with a higher sheen of wool than typical with a satin or silk lapel to add some pop of contrast. You'll be more likely to come across the black variety as that is the traditional option, but more and more of the navy are popping up.
The 2014 Met Gala saw a smorgasbord of tux styles. 
When deciding on a tux, think long and hard about the style you want to have and the look you want to emit because chances are you're not made of money and that tux will be around for years to come. If you are comfortable with the navy, go for it; the midnight navy tux might be my favorite suit out there. If not, then black will work just the same, but get the peak lapels to really boost its appeal.
Ralph Lauren: $1200
Suit Supply: $569
Topman: $370
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