Threads for Thought: The Man Bag

Last week we covered the topic of umbrellas, an obvious wet weather necessity, and this week we will be staying in the accessories category. This one might be a bit of reach, but i think this will be something you'll want to reconsider.
City slick and stylish, croc skin is a nice touch.
Walking into work with a hand full of different things, having to shuffle stuff from one hand to the other, I know I was in this boat not too long ago. Now just think of having all of those things in one place...seems like a great idea, right? They come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, briefcases, messenger bags, totes, etc, yet they all work towards the same goal of freeing up your hands for more important tasks.
Pick something classic to easily walk out the door with.
I am a major fan of the messenger bag option, which gives you the same functionality of a briefcase but with a much more casual look. With that said, each will have its pros and cons; for instance, the tote is great for carrying your everyday carry while having plenty of room for your gym clothes after work. My input with any briefcase would be to stray away from any hard body models (don't want to be too stuffy). Get something that mirrors your personality and that you are comfortable carrying around everyday, rain or shine.

Ralph Lauren: $350
Jack Spade: $198
Cole Haan: $130
Check in tomorrow for another edition of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for more threads that beg your consideration!