Friday Faux Pas: Pinky Rings

Men and jewelry was once limited to watches and wedding bands, but lately there has been some venturing into a broader spectrum of menswear. As with any new trend, there is a certain grey area between right and wrong and that line gets crossed every so often.
You should never have to explain your accessories, just take compliments for them
I am a big fan of layering on the wrist wear with a watch, a newer development in style. Class rings are another thing that I proudly support; if you went to a college you're proud of, wear that ring with the same pride. Outside of this and the wedding bands, of course, you start to flirt with that line between stylish and not, and nothing puts you over the edge like a pinky ring. There would need to be a good reason for having one, because it would otherwise look cheesy and/or tacky. In other words, DON'T DO IT!

Check in tomorrow for a major celebrity style influence and next Friday for another edition of my fashion faux pas!