Wardrobe Essentials: Wingtips

There are a lot of choices out there for footwear, and trying to narrow down your wardrobe to only 3 or four shoes will leave you hanging out to dry when it comes to variety and keeping your feet fresh. However, I have covered a couple staples that will get you along swimmingly, black dress loafers, drivers, and street shoes.
Two prime examples of what you should be looking for.
Now we introduce the wingtip, also know as a brogue, which is a shoe comprised of more than one piece of leather to create a level of depth and sophistication. Traditionally of Irish and Scottish lore, these shoes were meant for country work and wet conditions; the broguing or perforations allowed for water to easily drain from the shoe. Nowadays, wingtips are synonymous with high-class and elevated style and frequently spotted on the most fashion forward folk.
If you don't know David Gandy, here's David Gandy.
Like I said before, there is no shortage of footwear choice today and the same goes for wingtips, so for the purposes of them classic and essential to your wardrobe, you might want to follow a few guidelines.

  • Keep them simple! Don't go for spectator (two-toned) options that will only work with a few outfits and fade in and out with the seasons.
  • Neutral, classic colors will increase the wearability. Navy, black, brown, tan, etc.
    • White may be too Spring and Summer seasonal, so steer clear.
  • Find that happy medium between suede and patent leather for a shoe that isn't too dull or flashy.
Stick to these few notes and I guarantee you'll have a pair that will stay in your closet for as long as you want them to.
Ferragamo: $695
Cole Haan: $170
Topman: $100
Check in tomorrow for some threads that beg your consideration and next Wednesday for more essential style pieces for your wardrobe!