Celebrity Saturday: David Beckham

Soccer isn't necessarily the spotlight of athletics in America, but that doesn't mean that it still isn't the most played sport in the world. And well before the men of the NBA were dressing up and setting trends, soccer superstars were at the forefront of style.
Breaking the rules at the White Tie Met Gala.
David Beckham might be one of the most well known players of his era and is still a force in the soccer community today; he and other notable investors are looking to start an MLS franchise in Miami. Outside of futbol, Beckham is making waves in fashion with his involvement in H&M Bodywear and making a notable appearance in this weeks Met Gala.
Might as well be lighting the way for style here. Doing it all right!
It truly is amazing that he has managed to stay relevant in the fashion world, maybe his wife has something to do with it, but one thing he truly goes maverick on is his hair. It is safe to say that Beckham has set forth trendy hair styles that end up being widely adopted, so if you're looking to get a haircut soon, take his into consideration.

Check in tomorrow for my weekly recap of all the topics from the week and next Saturday for another notable celebrity style influence.