Celebrity Saturday: Channing Tatum

Get your copy of GQ and catch up on your summer style!
This star got his first movie bid at the start of the millennium with dance flick, Step Up. Since then he has starred in everything from romantic dramas to action comedies and has yet to falter in any of his performances. Tatum's upcoming role in Jupiter Ascending is gearing up to either be a complete dud or a bona fide blockbuster, I'm hoping for the later. This month's cover of GQ features the actor, highlighting a rugged summer look for the actor, but he has a much more dynamic look than that. I believe he is one of those chameleons, being able to adopt and own any style; I guess with a physique like that, anything is doable. If you can't take on every look like so, at least have two or three go to's that you know work.

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