Threads for Thought: Bow Ties

I know last Thursday featured the knit ties and that was inspired by the fact that there is such a rift in the fashion community over the subject. Today's post is inspired by my brother or at least his reluctance to adopt a style piece that has been around for centuries and will remain long past his and our time on this earth. That piece is the bow tie or affectionately referred to by my former Irish roommates, the "Dickie Bow".
Swizz Beats doing it jazzy and casual.
The first bow ties can be traced to the 17th Century in Croatia but really gained its popularity in the following centuries among the French upper class, and since then, the bow tie has remained a staple in most men's closets. Nowadays, men are scared of the bow tie or at least the assumed "stigma" a bow tie exudes, which in my eyes is elegance and sophistication. Still, it is an item that most men shy away from.
Clooney doing it classy and formal.
If you're making your first purchase and not very sure-footed about a bow tie, The Tie Bar is a great source. If you're a seasoned vet that's looking to add to your collection, you should still check with The Tie Bar because they probably have something you've never seen before. Bow ties allow for more flashiness because they're smaller than a long tie and therefore won't dominate your look if its garishly designed.

Check in next tomorrow for another edition of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for more pieces that beg your consideration!