Friday Faux Pas: Dirty Shoes

In this month's issue of GQ, the king of cool and all-time fashion master, Pharrell Williams, was featured within the pages of the Style Bible section. He was referred to as a man that isn't afraid to change it up and do the unthinkable, but there was one part of that irked me the wrong way, and that particularly being his shoe choice in one of his spreads.

Freshening up an old charcoal or navy suit is always something that needs to be done from time to time seeing as they are very classic pieces. The way that GQ and Pharrell went about it was spectacular with a bold patterned shirt, bright tie, but then all fell short with the addition of "yard work sneakers". Basically, wear the shoes that you have long since siphoned away to the garage for those moments when the deck needs refinishing, the lawn needs mowing, or the hedges need pruning.
The shoes are the only culprit in this look.
GQ has a lot of great advice and I look to them for a lot of my inspiration (along with an array of other sources), but that doesn't always mean that they're right. I completely agree with the choice to sport sneakers with a suit, but I want them as crisp and clean as the suit suggests they should be. This fact extends to other facets of your style, your shoes should be clean and crisp, leave those manual labor shoes wear they belong.

I will be on the road this weekend so check in on Sunday for my weekly recap and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!