Wardrobe Essentials: Street Shoes

When you think of fashion and you think of style, the blinders come on and you think the only thing you can wear are dress shoes or similar footwear that share the same shroud as dress shoes. The reality is that you shouldn't restrict yourself to just that genre of footwear; it's time you venture out into the street shoe world.
Yes, the sport coat, but check the shoes!
The title "street shoe" encompasses a broad spectrum of styles but can be broken down simply as a casual sneaker that can be worn with shorts and a t-shirt as easily as with a suit and tie. Ideally your choice would be for a solid color, and as for which color, that's all up to your personal preference. White will be versatile but may lack in character, where a crisp red will add a pop to any outfit you wear them with.

Converse is a great company for finding such a shoe, with great selections of Jack Purcell's and Chuck Taylor's that are classic and trendy all in one. But if you're looking to splurge a little more, designers have been pumping out luxe trainers lately that emulate that casual look with higher quality fabrics and leather that will make your feet feel like they're in heaven! Either way, the options are out there and with spring timidly approaching, now is the time to get a pair.
Gucci: $540
The Hillside: $175
Converse: $75
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