Tech Tuesday: Smell Good Jeans

Jeans are probably the greatest thing in your arsenal of bottoms, going with just about anything simply because they are classics. There are a variety of denim options in different fits, fades, treatments, weights, etc. But nothing very radical has really been done to jeans up until now.
Naked & Famous: $158
Granted, this is somewhat of a gag, but Naked & Famous Denim Co. has just released its latest line of jeans featuring scratch-n-sniff technology and the newest scent is mint! The company features a variety of other fruity and fantastic scents for you to choose from. I'm a personal fan of the raspberry scent, but let your personal "taste" shine through; they'll act as another level of body odor prevention at the very least.
Denim on denim on denim brought to you by Naked & Famous.
All jokes aside, Naked & Famous is a Canadian company under the umbrella of Tate + Yoko specializing in Japanese selvedge denim. This isn't what sets them apart from Company X or Y, its the experimentation they do every day to come up with new and exciting denim choices. Just for fun, they made a heavy weight denim pair that stands on its own and turned another pair into a mood ring for your legs with thermo-chromatic technology. Check them out and have your mind blown by the choices at your disposal.
The famous "Stand Alone" denim, so cool!
Check in tomorrow for another style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some exciting new tech!