Wardrobe Essentials: The Chambray Shirt

Shirts, shirts, shirt. You can never have too many and its almost as if every time you're putting together an outfit, you never have the right shirt. That's when you end up going with a simple white, classic blue, or new-school pink. All these options share the characteristic of being dressy, but where's the shirt that you can wear with a suit and tie as well as jeans and sneakers.
Catch the chambray fever if you haven't already.
That need can be met in the form of the chambray shirt. Granted, they can be found in a variety of colors and styles, but all will do the trick. Grey work shirt chambray? Yep. Red sport shirt chambray? Yep. Light blue dress chambray? Yep. Getting the picture here? They all work as easily as the next and its up to your discretion to pick the right one for you.
Brady. Gyllenhaal. West. Celebrity endorsement?
They could be paired with just about any tie, but one of the best looks I have come across is when the chambray shirt is paired with the knit tie. After that, throw on the suit or sport coat of your choosing because chances are you won't be able to go wrong. As for the casual look, just make sure the pants don't closely match the top and you'll be in the green. This piece is a no-brainer and is guaranteed to be in stores all year round and in your closet for years to come.
Check with GQ for some affordable chambray options.
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