Monday Outlook: Spread that Collar

One aspect of your everyday outfit is the type of collar on your shirts. If you walk into any Brooks Brothers location, their made-to-measure department will feature a wall of all the different collar types that you can have. Oxford, point, club, name a collar variety, they're all out their and your closet should have a good variety of them.
Most men have been purchasing the semi-spread collar which is the middle ground between the classic point collar and spread/cutaway collar. The latter is the type that is going to be your go-to dress shirt for the office this summer. It will be a subtle change to your outfit, but the spread collar adds a since of European style and an element of power that you don't get with other collars. 
David Beckham looking summery in his spread collar.
Seeing as you can never have to many white dress shirts and its probably time to cycle out some old ones, this would be an easy option to incorporate into your closet; throw in some other classics as you see fit, you'll be wearing these more and more as you move up the corporate ladder. The only thing stopping you from getting this type of shirt is the fact that they are hard to find in stores, so your best resource will be the Internet.
Ralph Lauren: $325
Hugo Boss: $175
Hugh & Crye: $85
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