Tech Tuesday: Smarter Glasses

These may not be the answer to Google Glass and their hideous nature and nor is it something that is going to make an incredible difference in your day-to-day life. But what these glasses are going to do is give you peace of mind for both the glasses and your phone, isn't that something we all look for?
Glasses and phone working together for you!
A little company out of Japan by the name of Tzukuri Eyewear is trying to help with that whole "peace of mind" element with their new glasses. Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (my favorite recent innovation), the glasses will notify your phone if you have left your glasses and vice versa. It is tiered to send alerts at 5, 10 and 15 meter intervals and doesn't even require the app to run in the background on your phone.
6 frames and 3 fits that guarantee a flawless pair of shades.
As for the glasses, they are handmade in Japan with designs based on 3D facial research that practically guarantees that the frames will fit your face amazingly. All frames are fitted with polarized, scratch-proof lenses and are put through more quality checks and tests than your car probably did. Needless to say, these are a high quality product and will be available for pre-order through Tzukuri's website, just subscribe to their newsletter for updates about the launch!

Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting new tech!