Wardrobe Essentials: Navy Shorts

With summer either already here (the South) or quickly approaching (the North), its time you kick that short game back in to gear and out from the back of the closet. Granted you should probably have more than one pair and more than one color, but there is one in particular that you should have in your closet.
That's as summer as an outfit can get.
Navy and indigo are the colors of the season and also happen to be the classic hue that shorts come in season after season and in more stores than you can keep count of. So they are easy to find, got that part under control, now for styling them. Now not to say that I condone my brother's actions, but he does always have a pair of navy shorts on (annoyingly so), but that doesn't take away from the fact that they go with everything else he wears.
More of Nick Wooster doing things right.
A fun new look, seeing as it will be warmer soon, is to pair them with a lightweight sport coat in a natural tone to make a perfect casual summer look; I've been doing the same with a cream, double breasted sport coat with rave reviews. They are easy to wear and easier to pair, that just happens to be how a classic works, so go get yours today!
Brooks Brothers: $80
J. Crew: $70
Banana Republic: $55
Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that begs your attention and next Wednesday for another essential item for your closet!