Monday Outlook: Polka Dots

I'm sure we all remember the song, "she wore and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini". If you don't, well then you need to get some apple pie in you to re-up those American levels. The summer is going to see a wide variety of prints and patterns, but this one is guaranteed to blow away the spectators.
Nick Wooster always ahead of the curve.
Polka dots are a relatively new pattern in the fashion world, only coming to the forefront in the mid-60's. Since then it has faded in and out of the spot light, changing from finely organized pin dots to large and in charge dots that really hit home. Unlike the traditional plaid or striped shirts,  polka dots give the eye something other than lines to look at, confusing them at first and then exhilarating them soon after.
Timid? Start with accessories and go from there.
Seeing as this is a very bold move, it may be hard to get used to, but an easy way to ease into the polka is to start with a smaller print and then work your way up from there. I recommend keeping the color scheme simple with white or black and another color, as to not appear too busy; major spring/summer style points for getting a white and black big polka pattern. My favorite piece featuring this exciting new trend is the polka dot shirt from Burberry, sported beautifully by Pharrell in last months issue of GQ.
Thanks GQ! Burberry Prorsum: $595
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for my fashion trend insight for the upcoming months!