Wardrobe Essentials: Red Power Tie

I did refer to the Presidential "Style" last Friday and it is definitely something I do not approve of. Its a conservative and mass-approval form of fashion that makes my stomach turn. But they do usually get one thing right, and it comes in the form of a neck tie.
Matt Bomer making it look easy!
Similar to the Red Watch drawing the eye and adding a pop to your wrist, a red tie will do the same to your overall outfit. Now this doesn't mean having a plain, skinny tie in cotton that is a cheesy scarlet red with an even cheesier print on it (I made this mistake, that tie is now a belt). Instead, for this tie you want an almost Garnet color that's at least 2 1/2 inches, but 3 inches would be better. This neck wear needs to give off the aura of "I'm here to take some heads off, and no one is going to stop me".

As for the actual design on the tie, stray away from strips to avoid looking to collegiate and opt for either a pin dot, texture-stitched, or tonal feature that keeps it from being just a red tie. Here are some options for you to consider:
Left, Right, and Bottom all brought to you by The Tie Bar at $15

Check in tomorrow for some threads that demand your consideration and next week for more essential style pieces for your closet!