Threads for Thought: Two Breasts are Better than One!

No, I'm not talking about the moon balloons that everyone can't help but stare at throughout the day...even though the title also applies to them. But for the sake of fashion, we're gonna take our minds out of the gutter for just a second to talk about an item that is making serious headway in style. It is simply the double-breasted jacket.
Mad Men may or may not be the reason for this "dress well" trend.
I was considering throwing this topic underneath my Monday Outlook as this type of coat will be extremely popular this spring/summer, but I figured that most of you will shy away from this option. Go try one on and you'll understand why you'll be needing one in your life; don't worry, all the major designers have them out so they won't be too hard to find.

For the sake of the season, I recommend picking up one in linen or cotton, but if you want it to transfer from season to season, a tropical wool will add some clima-versatility. Color is really all up to your current wardrobe needs, but try to keep it a classic color or pattern so the piece will last because I believe double-breasted is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
Hugo Boss: $1095

Brooks Brothers: $798
Suit Supply: $599
Check in tomorrow for another one of my style pet peeves and next Thursday for another fashion piece that demands your consideration!