Tech Tuesday: D.I.Wine

Brewing your own beer has been a recent craze of the hops enthusiasts and cerveza nerds who think they can make something delicious. There are even kits for making your own liquors to turn the homemade party up a notch. But never has there been an all inclusive vinification kit to make your very own wine.
Very modern package to create one of the oldest beverages.
Now there is a company by the name of Miracle Machine that has done just that. With the purchase of the essential wine ingredients, you can make your very own vino in a matter of days. The unit is of comparable size to a flower vase, so it'll save you space and in the long-term, money. It also features a Miracle Machine app that allows you to refill on your ingredients and even monitor every step of the wine making process. At a price point of $400, this isn't a no brainer buy, but if you are wine-o or if you know any, this would be a solid gift.

Check in tomorrow for an essential style piece for your wardrobe and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech! Happy Drinking!