Wardrobe Essentials: The Black Polo

Being prepared is the key to any wardrobe, and an experienced fashion bug will tell you to always have a backup plan in the car, whether it be a spare shirt, blazer, or jeans. Or even the travel situation where you might not have the room or the need for a suit but want to throw in something that can be dressy if called upon.

The savior for these situations comes in the form of the black polo. Its not a shirt, so it can be dressed down for the beach bar and easily dressed up by giving it a quick tuck. Its sporty enough to be worn for some tennis or a round of golf and professional enough to be worn under a suit jacket. Essentially, the black polo provides a lot of versatility in a very simple form.
Hugo Boss: $105
There is no one polo flagship in my opinion. Every men's clothier makes polo's so its up to you to find the one that fits just right and stick with it. My personal preference has been found with Hugo Boss whose polo's are very fitted and usually feature a tonal pattern. That's another point that needs to be made in shopping for a black polo; opt for the one that has some character to it and not just straight black. You have to remember that style is about standing out by looking good and nothing says "I'm trying to blend in" better than a plain black polo.

Here are some solid options for your black polo game:
Burberry: $250
Ralph Lauren: $98
J. Crew: $43
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