Tech Tuesday: iCar

No, this isn't a car developed by Apple and no, this is not about the Toyota hat once belonged to Steve Jobs. This is about the technology we've all been waiting for in our cars which hopefully leads to less starring at your phone in your lap (you know you do it, don't lie to yourself) and more driving like a responsible, safe driver.

Apple CarPlay is essentially a new way to interact with your phone in the car. A new center console unit will feature all the functionality of your iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S while limiting its capabilities to the essentials like maps, music, and phone abilities. The user interface, as with all Apple products, provides a streamlined look with easy-to-use controls. All you have to do is plug your phone in and all the info will be available on the dash console of your car.
This looks like a Volvo or Hyundai dash, very classy!
This product will be rolling out on select makes and models this year with many more to come in the future. The initial launch group consists of Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo but with many, MANY more to come. This product will be a huge success for Apple and you'll see a reinvigorated stock price because of it, but I am more interested in seeing how other phone and technology companies attempt to compete with Apple.

Check in tomorrow for essential style pieces in your wardrobe and next Tuesday for some exciting new tech!