Threads for Thought: The Red Watch

If you are anything like me, having just the bare essentials when it comes to watches is a feat in and of itself. So when I suggest that you venture out of the wrist wear comfort zone, its definitely something to take note of. There are the well known classic faces in black, blue, and white, and the traditional furnishings in silver, gold, and a variety of leathers.

Change it up! There was a study done into the most eye catching color out there way back when, and guess what won. Yellow, and for that reason taxicabs are almost all that color, but I don't recommend throwing it on your wrist. So what color came in second? Red, that's the color that your watch collection has been in need of to change everything up.

Red is going to give off the sporty look and hence usually feature silicon or leather bands, but it won't be to hard to find a solid option in metal. I warn you though, do not get a red G-Shock! Nothing against the Casio spin off, but those indestructible timepieces are made to be beat up, not be a part of your luxury wrist candy. With that said, make sure the piece you opt for is accented with red, and not "Holy hell that's red".

Here are some examples (in descending price) brought to you by the one and only World of Watches:
Chopard: $7,920
Ferrari: $625
Oceanaut: $298
Invicta: $170
Happy Hunting! And check in tomorrow for some of my style pet peeves and next Thursday for another piece that deserves your consideration!