Monday Outlook: It's T-Shirt Time!

I apologize for my random hiatus this past weekend, I was a combination of away from the computer and sick so I didn't have the chance to get my posts in. Now onto the good stuff!

I have a specific friend who once told me he doesn't like suits, or collars for that matter, because it confines him. Granted he is a rockin drummer and software engineering whiz and if anyone needs to be loose, its them. Not that this is specifically for him, but Shquills, you might want to consider this trend not just for the spring, but for your personal style.
Classy and casual all in one. Style is all in the details.
Anyone can throw on a shirt, tie, and suit and not think twice about it; its a classic look that instills confidence and then some. But the new trend during the warmer months is going to be to wear that suit with a tee, which will be much more difficult (although much more relaxed) look to pull off for those of you that haven't attempted it before. Simplicity is key here, opting for a solid or simply patterned shirt will make this easier to pair a shirt with your suit, but with that said, a vintage tee will add some edginess to the look!
Jude Law knows what I'm talking about!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for some trend outlooks!