Tech Tuesday: Ressence Type 1

Most watches you come across operate on the same hand based methods that have been around since watch making was a thing. Not that there is anything wrong with this method, but its always fun to see how designers are flipping a convention such as watch making on its head and recreating the craft.
The different bands and faces of the Ressence Type 1.
Ressence is a relatively new company that was started by industrial designer Benoit Mintiens in 2009 and was brought to the forefront at the 2010 BaselWorld Show. What is unique about these watches is that they operate using a rotating-disc method in order to tell time. The Type 1 features seconds, minutes, hours, and the day of the week, combining for 4 moving discs that move in an almost mesmerizing fashion.

More details about the Type 1 can be found on the Ressence website, and it would be worth while to explore the other watches that they offer!